USB Type-C Cable PD+QC

USB-C cable allowing for 60W power supply

USB cable compliant with QC 4.0+ and PD 3.0 standards equipped with a USB-C plug. Allows you to use fast chargers to charge laptops and smartphones.

High Quality
The braided cable looks aesthetically pleasing. The high quality of workmanship makes it pleasant and trouble-free to use.
The cable supports the function of data transfer and charging devices. In addition, support for Quick Charge and Power Device technology allows you to use it efficiently with many devices.
Manufacturer code IKUTC1B - 1m black
IKUTC1W - 1m white
IKUTC2B - 2m black
IKUTC2W - 2m white
Cable type USB-C
Interface USB 2.0
Maximum current 20V / 3A (60W power)
Cable length 1m / 2m
Description Support for data transfer and charging
Qty in bulk packing 200 pcs
Dimensions of bulk packing 54 x 27 x 36 cm